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MyCharterBus.Com - The Group Travel Portal Company

MyCharterBus.com is Industry’s first On-line Booking Portal for Group Transportation. Designed, developed, marketed and operated by Accelar, a Silicon Valley based Internet Portal Development and Marketing company, we have integrated the best of Internet technology with the industry’s best brick-and-mortar Group Transportation – Bus & Motor Coach companies – to make Group Transportation planning & booking for Group Travel Planners as simple as booking airline, hotel, car rental booking for individual and business travelers.

Plan. Book. Go.

MyCharterBus.com is the Industry’s first on-line Booking portal for Group Transportation which give you the Group Travel Planner – an opportunity to Plan, Book and pay for Bus Charters – anytime, anywhere, nation-wide – in a matter of minutes.

We represent Bus & Motor Coach Operators

We represent the Bus / Motor Coach industry and through one portal give you – the Group Travel Planner – an opportunity to Plan, Book and pay for Bus Charters – anytime, anywhere, nation-wide – in a matter of minutes.
Unlike numerous other companies and sites, which act as brokers, MyCharterBus.com is designed by and for the Bus industry and for the Bus & Motor Coach Operators. Our fee is paid from the Charter Rate we charge you and the fee is paid for by the hand-picked, select few, reputable bus & motor coach operators we represent in each market. Brokers, on the other hand, charge you a rate and then try and maximize their profits by finding the ‘cheapest’ bus operator they can find.

Industry Rates Without Mark-ups…

We offer Group Travel planners consistent, uniform and the most cost-effective rates for your charters since we represent the Bus Companies directly without the usual mark-up that is tacked on by brokers.

Operations Support – Before, During & After your Charter…

Once you have booked and paid for your charter, our Operations staff will manage all the operational details for your charter – before, during and after the charter.
Before: 72-hour Call-outs to confirm all the details of the charter
During: We will be in contact with the bus company and with the Driver to make sure all is well with your charter
After: Our Customer Support team will follow up with you to get your feedback and input and pass it along to our sales and operations teams and to the Bus / Motor Coach operator who operated your charter.

Rating, Ranking & Reviews for the Operators…

You will have an opportunity to directly influence our customer service delivery with our on-line rating, ranking and reviews for each of our operators.

MyCharterBus.Com – Social Media Channel…

Group Travel, by definition, is a group / social event to bring together friends, family, colleagues, and customers for new and unique experiences and create memories. We believe there is no better way to interact with your fellow travelers than travel by bus or motor coach. While MyCharterBus.com handles group transportation services for you, our ultimate objective is to really make each of those Group Travel experiences fun, enjoyable and memorable.

We have created our own Social Media Channel to facilitate sharing of the Group Travel experience via Face book, Twitter, YouTube and variety of other social media.

Reward yourself…

Our goal is to make MyCharterBus.com the ultimate destination site for ALL your Group Transportation needs and Bus Charter booking needs. We recognize that you – the Group Travel Planner – have a difficult task in taking into account and taking care of the needs and requirements of each member of your group.

Besides the ease and convenience of planning, booking and paying for all your charters through one portal, we want to reward you for trusting your Group Transportation needs to MyCharterBus.com. For each charter you book with us you will be awarded MyCharterBus.com Reward Points, which you may redeem for a variety of items, including frequent flyer miles for leading airlines, etc.

Win Prizes…

In addition to the Reward Points for each booking, we will enter your name in the drawing for monthly, quarterly and annual prizes and giveaways.